View from main street.
Information determines living conditions. It is empathy in action and a means for playfulness.
In order to become effective public spaces, libraries should reconcile the undefined space for individual virtual interaction with that of real sociability. The exploration of a new collective should not be disconnected form immediate societies.
The library aims to become a social condenser, a new urban attractor based on acitvity.
Volume analysis
Circulations and storage
Contex, circulations and program
Cross section
First sketches
Interior view from Media Center up to the Library
A translucent double skin wraps the faceted building. It provides unity and an appealing image at the urban scale. Natural light is filtered through this skin, and inner conditions are tecnically contrlled. Inside, a more haptic world is created: suspended nests seem to levitate in a conituous structure.
Arranged within three specialized emerging volumes, these vessels provide different conditions for the programmed activities, from the more productive and focused ones, to the more informal and spontaneous.
Cross section
Main elevation
Varna Library: Murado & Elvira + Krahe
Competition team: Francesco Martone, Christine Gutiérrez Chevalier, Laura Delgado
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